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Medicaid Applications

Medicaid Applications

Knowing what is available is the first step in being prepared.

Applying for Medicaid can be a complicated and lengthy process. Families may become frustrated dealing with the rules and regulations of the bureaucracy of government agencies. Most importantly, should the Medicaid application not be completed on a timely basis, there could be a gap before Medicaid begins to pay the health care facility. The family may be financially responsible under these circumstances. Assistance is available from Elder Life Management. In addition to providing information about the Medicaid process, our services can include collecting the required information and documentation, making the actual application, and following through with the appropriate agencies until final approval is achieved.

Elder Life Management will:

  • Educate you about Medicaid application process, and requirements of the program
  • Gather the documentation
  • Deal with the bureaucracies
  • In the process of completing the Medicaid application, we also offer assistance with Medicare Part D

We have a proven, successful track record with years of experience in helping clients achieve a smooth transition to Medicaid, and perhaps best of all, our fees can be part of the required "spend-down" process.

Confidentiality and privacy are always respected.

Let us be a part of your family's Elder Life . . .

For further information or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please call us at 732-493-8080.

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